Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Have a sustainable August

Maybe more than any other time of the year, August is the month we wonder:  why worry about sustainability?  You look around and our world seems to be able to take care of itself, just fine.  The question we should really be asking is, what would it be like to live without all this?  So keep on track, and don't lose sight of all the resources in the Pikes Peak region to keep our Augusts looking like they do this year:

Farmers markets are going strong

Stop by Harlan Wolfe Ranch garden and pick some organic produce

Colorado Springs Utilities is still having monthly classes and events

The Colorado Springs Utilities blog has great tips, updates and news for the region

Check out the news for CEC:  Clean Energy Collective

Check out the Green Cities Coalition blog

Sign up for CRES's upcoming series on Saving Money on Energy and Water Waste

There are some great benefit concerts coming up through the Catamount Institute